Our 28th day…

After a pretty stressful day, stood in a hospital room, there is nothing better than sitting down in your own little piece of tranquility, breeze on your face, birds tweeting, sun shining…just wish our boys were here to share it with us – but then maybe it wouldn’t be so peaceful. 😂


Our 28th day…

So today was weigh day. Our gain was so minimal it’s hardly worth measuring but it’s a gain at least. The Drs are weaning us onto nutri-prem as well as mummy’s milk to try and help us pack on weight with excess calories. We are on 10% nutri-prem at the moment. 

When mummy and daddy arrived this morning I (Austin) had a surprise for them. I was trying Cpap. Lots of people have been asking mummy questions so she has tried to explain where we are at with our breathing in a diagram…

Mummy and daddy were just telling me how proud they were when a spider ran across the floor…mummy screamed, the nurses fled and daddy rescued them by dealing with the spider which was now under Rory’s incubator. 

Mummy asked the nurse if she could have a cuddle and they said I needed chance to settle first on my Cpap and so they got Rory out to cuddle mummy instead.

Rory kept mummy entertained, blowing bubbles and doing cute little sneezes. Eventually the nurse let me come out to play and have cuddles with daddy…

Nannie Hardy & Uncle Craig came to visit. Rory told me a secret about him and uncle craig but I can’t tell you. He made me promise. 

Mummy and daddy did our cares and mummy went to the milk room leaving daddy to feed Me through my tube. Daddy said he would go to help mummy when he had finished but he took ages because I wasn’t doing very well with my breathing and the Dr decided to put me back on Bipap. I lasted a whole 3 hours. When daddy told mummy in the milk room, she felt a little sad and they hurried back to our room to see if I was ok. 

Just as they got there I forgot to breathe and had a really big drop in my saturations. My heart rate dropped and the nurse quickly put gloves on and came to try and help me. Mummy and daddy stood and watched for what felt like a century, it took me a long time (the longest mummy and daddy have known) for me to get back to normal. My oxygen machine went up to 85% and the Drs ordered me a chest X-ray. I really hope everything’s ok and I can make mummy and daddy happy again. 

When mummy and daddy got home Auntie Sue & Uncle Pete had dropped off a present for the nurses….lots of chocolate. Mummy put it in a nice box and wrote a message from us. We think we will get special care tomorrow when mummy and daddy bring it in….although mummy says we are their favourites already because we always bring them goodies for the staff room.

2 Replies to “Our 28th day…”

  1. Well Rory what can I say, you are getting stronger everyday, it is so lovely to see you in mummy’s arms holding her finger and touching her bet it felt good too. Austin you just like to scare us all bet you going to be a cheeky monkey when you grow up, you tried so hard to stay on cpap to show us how clever you are, I know you will try again another day when you are stronger. Lovely to see you got cuddles from daddy today, bet that felt really good, daddy really enjoyed it too. You are both making your mummy & daddy so proud so hope you both have a good night and will look forward to read all about you tomorrow, night night little cuties xxxxx


  2. You are such an inspiration Kelly and Ash, things will come goods , just stay strong and I will pray for you every night , love too you all 😙😙😙😙 xxx


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