Our 27th day…

Mummy and daddy took big sister Beau on a long walk this morning. They were assessing the local trails for double pram access and talking about all of the places they will take us when we are bigger.

When mummy and daddy got to the hospital they were surprised to find that Rory was now on high flow 4….he’s tiptoeing towards the finish line of breathing on his own. I wish I (Austin) could catch up. I’m trying really hard though and I’ve been much more stable today remembering to breathe and needing less oxygen (42-49%).

Mummy and daddy swapped over today, mummy cuddled Rory…

And daddy cuddled Me…

Nannie and Grandad Newborough visited so mummy and daddy asked them to ‘babysit’ whilst they went for a sandwich. They were gone less than 20 minutes and we were both sleeping in our incubators….but Grandad Malc was still ready for a nap. 

Mummy told us that on the pond where we live there have been some cygnets born today. Mummy’s friend Emily sent us a picture. 

All of the people where we live look after them and it is the second year they have chosen to nest here. Mummy says it’s because they feel safe. They have had lots of visitors today already. We can’t wait until we have visitors and we can meet all of the people mummy tells us about. 😘

One Reply to “Our 27th day…”

  1. So happy for you Rory you are stomping along, bet you want to see those swans and their babies, those cuddles from mummy & daddy are amazing I know you look forward to them everyday. We want Austin to share your cuddles too so we want to see you both together again as it was quite touching to see you both feeling for each other while having cuddles from mummy & daddy. So happy Austin had a better night & day time today am sure he is getting fed up of being away from you now so lets urge him on for an even better night. Cant wait to meet you both as I live quite close to your house so I bet you will be passing often when on your walks with mummy, So with that thought in my head I will say night night to you both & look forward to what tomorrow brings. Sending big hugs & kisses for you both from Aunty Lynn & uncle Clarry xxxxx


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