Down at the bottom of the ocean…

Mummy and daddy rang this morning and there had been no changes so mummy went to visit her friend Louise for a quick cuppa and take her other friend Nat a birthday present. Mummy went to Nats work and she was running a group for mums and babies, Nat had shiny eyes and Nannies friend Jess was there too as well as mummy’s other friend Faye. They all gave mummy a hug and said they were reading the blog. Mummy found it a little bit hard going in. Lots of mummy’s were there with their babies and nat said that one day mummy would be taking us. Let’s hope so. 

Mummy and daddy arrived at the hospital and got us out for cuddles. Austin was allowed at last! As long as mummy held his dummy in to plug the oxygen. 

Mummy held Austin…

Daddy held me. He even put me a hat on to keep my head warm but it was much too big. Even though we have lots of premature clothes, they are still too big for us. We are so tiny.

Mummy read us our first story today, it was about the ocean. Daddy even asked us questions to check our comprehension and we learnt a really big word ‘concealed’ the nurses were laughing at mummy and daddy! 

Mummy and daddy did our cares and then went to the gym. I heard mummy telling the nurses that she wasn’t actually going to the gym, just to the pool, sauna and jacuzzi. And that they were having a takeaway with Uncle Craig after.

Mummy and daddy’s friends Vicky & Nath called with a present for us – thank you! We are so lucky to have so many presents from everyone.

Grandad and Uncle Pete are doing some work at our holiday pad, we can’t wait to go. They sent mummy this picture of them testing out the new boat that Uncle Peter has bought…


2 Replies to “Down at the bottom of the ocean…”

  1. I can tell you enjoy your cuddles from mummy & daddy it also makes them happy. Austin you did so well yesterday so keep trying so you can have some pipes taken away so we can see your cute little face more. Hope you both enjoyed your first story from mummy am sure there will be loads more to come. It was lovely to see you both looking at your mummy she is very pretty I know. Hope you both have an even better day today. The sun is shining for you both bet you can’t wait to see your holiday home , sending big hugs & lots of kisses to you all xxxxx


  2. The winning Post looks to be in sight ! The very Best of Luck to you all.
    With Love.
    Terry & Sandra.
    (No. 39).


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