Our 24th day…

Mummy and daddy arrived to some good news today. 

Austins heart scan came back fine, his oxygen levels have dropped slightly (maybe due to the dummy plugging oxygen and stopping it all escaping from his mouth) and his antibiotics have kicked in. He was far more settled so mummy and daddy left him to rest. Mummy couldn’t resist sticking her hand in for a quick ‘containment’ cuddle though….

I (Rory) also gave mummy and daddy a big surprise. I was doing so well on my Cpap that the Drs tried me on high flow. 

For those of you who don’t know (mummy and daddy didn’t know at first either) the journey from not being able to breathe on our own at all, to breathing on our own completely is…

Ventilator – Bipap – Cpap – high flow 5 – high flow 4 – high flow 3 – high flow 2 – low flow.

Austin is on Bipap and yesterday they were even thinking about putting him back on the ventilator – I really hope he catches up soon.

So….because high flow doesn’t need a hat and not as many pipes, mummy and daddy got to see my beautiful face, it was actually the first time they saw my face without pipes EVER!! 

Here I am with my hat…

Here I am getting my high flow fitted…
Here is the first and only time mummy and daddy have seen me without any wires. Mummy was in the milk room and so daddy  had to take a picture quick as I couldn’t breathe for long without the machine. So mummy has only ever seen my face on a picture. She says she can’t wait to snog my face off! My face looks a little funny and eyes swollen on this picture, all a result of the pipes and mask stuck to my face…

Here I am with my High flow…look at my dark curly hair, Nannie says if we had stayed in mummy’s tummy we might have been born with a big Afro. โ˜บ๏ธ

Mummy and Grandad Hardy came to visit at night, we were al seepy and settled and Austin and Grandad were making eachother laugh.


4 Replies to “Our 24th day…”

  1. What absolutely beautiful boys. You are so strong and it is truly amazing that you are sharing your journey with all of us. Sending big hugs to all 4 of you xx Nicola Gilbert (from work) xxx


  2. I don’t think I’ve used the word wow so much in my life, but for the past 24 days that’s all I’ve said every time I’ve read your blog. You two just blow me away with the fight you’re giving and the progress you have made. It’s so lovely to see your beautiful little face Rory. Carry on the good work little man, I’m sure when Austin will continue to fight hard to catch up. ๐ŸŒŸxxx๐ŸŒŸ


  3. Beautiful pictures of you both, well done Rory you doing amazing, hope your little brother catches you up soon, it was lovely to see your cute little face Rory so hope we get to see Austins cute little face very soon. Hope you both had a good night last night, hugs & kisses to you both xxxx


  4. loving reading your blog guys. You are both doing an amazing job.

    Louise wells


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