🎶 get by with a little help from my friends…🎶

Many moons ago as a boy, I (ash) played rugby at Matlock Rufc and spent many a happy year giving blood, sweat and tears to the game. Almost 8 years later after quitting the game, I returned as a coach, making the 100 mile round trip from Barnsley, every Sunday to be part of the club that has always made me feel so welcome and at home. 

I started off coaching the u14’s and stayed with the team until they reached senior rugby. There were some really great lads (& parents & coaches) down at Matlock and one guy in particular (& his family) became friends.

On Monday, Jack (the great lad mentioned above) who is now a coach himself, sent us this text…

Hi guys. This past weekend I’ve been on tour with the under 15s that I coach, a joint team from Matlock and Bakewell (Bakelock). 

 I’ve been reading your blog and so have the coaches and parents at rugby. We really wanted to help you out in anyway possible, so, a few coaches and myself decided to wax various places 🤔🤔

So, after legs, backs, chests and even some moustaches were waxed, we have managed to raise £260 for Austin and Rory. 

The money is only a small token of our support from all us Parkes’ friends, family and the rugby community. We thought the money would hopefully help towards your travel to the hospital each day, or get Austin and Rory any clothes/toys/equipment needed or used for whatever you would like to help the boys out. There are plenty of photos and videos that parents and lads took (which are funny but painful) which I will get to you as soon as I get them, we also have a Matlock rugby top which has been signed by the team for both of them. 

I hope you guys are doing well and that the boys are becoming more comfortable.

Kelly and I were absolutely speechless. Out of all the guys down there who took part, most of them dont know me but it just goes to show how strong the rugby community is. We are totally overwhelmed by this and have spoken with Jack and the staff who look after the boys about ways that we can use the money.

The bliss (baby life support systems) specialist nurse has been amazing and has supported us both no end already. The Jessops charity are looking to refurb some flats down the road for parents who live far away so that they can stay close by and the ward has a trust fund that they dip into when they need certain things….these are all options. We feel that by donating the funds somehow or purchasing something for the ward, Rory, Austin and their premature friends would benefit much more than if we filled the car with diesel. 

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the fundraiser, it took us completely by surprise. You have allowed us to give something back to show how grateful we are (& friends and family are on our behalf) for the amazing work being done.

When things aren’t quite going well, it’s easy to think why us? I’d like to think we are decent people and it’s times like this that it makes you realise how highly thought of we are and how lucky we are to have so many amazing friends and family members.

We really can’t thank you enough! 

Here are some pictures and a video


One Reply to “🎶 get by with a little help from my friends…🎶”

  1. Absolutely amazing very special for you both and to donate it to a special cause so close to your hearts, you truly are a very special couple xx


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