🎶 Every day every hour…turn the pain into power 🎶

Mummy and daddy arrived later today because they went to mummy’s work. They rang several times though to check up on us and nurse Tamsin told them that we were ok apart from the occasional ‘de-Sats and braddys’ and so mummy and daddy didn’t worry.

It’s ok if you don’t know what that means, mummy and daddy didn’t at first. A de-sat means a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the circulating blood supply and a Braddy is the slowing of the heart rate. This scared mummy and daddy at first, especially when we forget to breathe completely but they are used to it now. The nurses explained to mummy and daddy that they will train them on resuscitation techniques so that if it happens once we are home in a couple of months, they will know how to keep us alive. 

When mummy and daddy arrived in our room. The Dr was fitting a cannula in Austins arm. Given that mummy called only 50 minutes earlier and everything was fine, they were shocked and really worried. 

The Drs explained that because Austin had been frequently having de-sats and braddys that were quite severe they wanted to treat him for infection (whilst waiting for his blood cultures to come back – just in case there was an infection) do an X-ray of his lungs and an echo of his heart to check for other issues. The Drs found a shadow on the top of his left lung which indicates infection and that the lung was very small which shows that it may have collapsed. The Drs gave mummy and daddy news that Austin may be going back to the neonatal intensive care unit and put back on the ventilator. They also organised him a blood transfusion (just like. (Rory) had Sunday) here is the blood arriving…

Because Austin was so poorly he wasn’t allowed cuddles but I was….here is me having mummy cuddles…

Mummy is always trying to explain how small we are so she tried to show how big her hands are at the side of us….and mummy has really small hands…

After cuddles mummy and daddy did our cares (I am on two hourly feeds now) and we were both wide awake…mummy and daddy have never seen our beautiful faces without all of our pipes and equipment, but we made them smile today with our big bright eyes peeking at them.

Austin is on the star bedding and I (Rory) in lime green. 💙💙

One Reply to “🎶 Every day every hour…turn the pain into power 🎶”

  1. Aww you poor babies, you really are on a roller coaster today, I hope Austin can stay with you Rory but if it is necessary for Austin to go for extra care he will have to. I am sure he will be in the best care as will you Rory. I love your pictures, your eyes just watching what is going on around you, bet you recognise mummy & daddy now & get excited when you see them. Hope you both feel better tomorrow so you can both have cuddles. Have a quiet night & be good boys, sending lots of hugs & cuddles to you all xxxxx


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