3 week old today…

Guess what….mummy and daddy rang this morning to a big surprise…I (Austin) had a go at Cpap like my brother. I managed 8 hours and got really tired, so I went back on Bipap, but I did really well and mummy and daddy said they are very proud of me.Mummy says she can’t wait until we can both start breathing all on our own because we won’t have to wear special hats and most of the pipes will be taken away and you will be able to see our beautiful faces.

Mummy and daddy say that Rory is a much better colour today after having his blood transfusion and more good news….his bloods are now confirmed negative and so he can come off the antibiotics – he is infection free. 

The Dr told mummy and daddy that our breathing challenge will continue for a while and we may even go home on oxygen, but that our next challenge is moving our feeds to every two hour, so that we are learning to tolerate bigger amounts less often. We say…bring it on!!

Mummy and daddy gave us cuddles today, daddy cuddled me and mummy cuddled Rory. We cuddled for ages but then Rory decided to give mummy another scare and the nurse had to put him back in his incubator quickly. Mummy gets nervous now every time we are out. 

Mummy and daddy did our cares and tucked us up before leaving us to rest. 

Here are some pictures from today…

Can you guess who I am?

And here is a picture of us both when we were born and now. Do you think we have grown? Mummy and daddy say we look much better now. 💙💙

One Reply to “3 week old today…”

  1. Yeah well done boys I knew you would have a better day today, good news that you can eat more too, this will surely give you both muscle to fight with. Keep up the excellent work and continue to make Mummy & Daddy really happy. You are both filling out nicely now, so you may be in your bigger overalls by the end of this week. Love & cuddles to you all xxxxx


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