Hey little fighter, things will get brighter…

When mummy and daddy arrived today we were both tucked up, lovely and settled. 

Rory George was having some tummy time on his Bipap machine, peeking at mummy and daddy.

I, (Austin Reginald) was enjoying a swaddle with mummy’s heart, I like it because I can smell mummy and it helps me to feel close to her. I was also peeking at mummy and daddy listening to them talking rubbish to me.

Mummy and daddy spoke to the consultant and they told mummy that we are now on full feeds, we arent having any other nutrients, just mummy’s milk. The Drs have taken rorys long line out because he doesn’t need anything intravenous anymore and so that reduces risk of infection too. The Dr even talked about trying Rory on Cpap! Cpap is the next step on from Bipap after being taken off the ventilator. It is a step closer to normal breathing. I’m so proud of my little brother but I need to up my game!

The consultant told mummy and daddy that they were going to try me on Bipap today! Yippee! This is it…..really hope I can do it! 

A few hours passed and the nurses hadn’t given me my Bipap yet so I pulled the ventilator pipe out all by myself, the nurses noticed and dragged Dr Ella in who gave me my Bipap. Mummy said I was a little monkey! 

Here is a picture of me with my new hat, just like Rory’s….

Mummy and daddy said they were so proud of me, mummy gave me a little squeeze and said ‘hey little fighter….things will get brighter….’

2 Replies to “Hey little fighter, things will get brighter…”

  1. So so proud of you both, still fighting but getting stronger every day. Rory you are doing an amazing job helping Austin so keep it up & he will catch you up. I love your beautiful pictures mummy posted today, both of you peeping at mummy & daddy xxxx


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