Our 14th day 24/04/16

Another boring day for mummy and daddy….just how they like it!

Mummy and daddy visited us both today and did both of our cares and checked up on us with the Drs. The Drs said there had been no changes except our feeds had increased and we had been weighed!

Austin now weighs 985g, and I (Rory) weigh 980g, which means I have gained 75g since Thursday when I was last weighed. Daddy says there must be a mistake! Austin hasn’t been weighed since last Sunday and in a week he has only gained 29g, at least I’ve caught up now! Well, nearly!

Mummy and daddy got me out of the incubator again today, they didn’t get me out yesterday because mummy panics about infection and germs and so she sacrificed her hugs because there were lots of people around who she calls ‘germie’. Here is a picture of me having my second cuddle, hopefully it will be Austins turn soon because it makes mummy and daddy sad that they can’t hold us both together. 

Mummy told me that Austin seems to be getting better, he hasn’t had much blood up his tube today and the Drs said his bloods were showing clear of the infection, mummy and daddy are going to check this tomorrow with the consultant. Nurse Nora told mummy and daddy that Austin is now off all medication other than morphine that makes him more comfortable. He is tolerating all of his feeds and so they might look to wake him up with caffeine and try him off the ventilator and on Bipap soon. How exciting. Keep your fingers crossed! 

Mummy and daddy are slightly nervous for tomorrow, Dr Clarke told them that they begin to get concerned if babies are still ventilated at 2 weeks old and that after two weeks, the Drs have a much better idea about our chances of making it home one day. We are two weeks old tomorrow – or minus 12 weeks old as we should still be tucked up in mummy’s tummy. 

One Reply to “Our 14th day 24/04/16”

  1. Come you Austin you can do this we all fighting for you, hope you show us all today what a strong fighter you are. I am sure Rory is willing you to be stronger every day so that you can be with him, sending you both big hugs & lots of kisses xxxx


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