Our 13th day 23/04/16

Today started off slightly dramatic when daddy spilt some of mummy’s milk in the kitchen, mummy found this and thought it might make you giggle…

Today was a boring day in room 2, mummy and daddy came to visit and did my cares but I (Rory) was super settled and so they left me to rest. Nannie and Grandad Hardy and Uncle Craig came to visit and they heard me try to cry, uncle Craig said it was the cutest thing ever, like a baby lamb bleeting, just the once. 

My umbilical lines were sent to the lab and an infection is growing on them so the Drs are keeping a close eye on them but nobody is worried just yet as I am doing really well to say I shouldn’t be born for another 12 week and I am almost 2 weeks old already.

Austins day was a little less boring as his cannulas were identified as the source of a Staph infection (and they weren’t working properly) so he had them taken out and a new one put in. He also had an X-ray on his chest but it didn’t look any different to the last one. Grandad Hardy and uncle Craig watched him have his blood gases done where they squeeze blood out of his heel, they said it made them sad watching, mummy didn’t have the heart to tell them the Drs do this every couple of hours. Mummy and daddy did his cares and Mummy held Austin inside the incubator whilst the nurse changed his bed…..one step closer to a cuddle!

Nannie Hardy peeked at us both and said we were both beautiful and perfect and that she can’t wait to cuddle us.

Mummy told us that Nannie is going to spoil us and get herself in lots of trouble, when mummy got home there was a parcel for us….some tiny clothes for us to wear when we are big and strong enough! Mummy said that lots of people have bought us lots of beautiful gifts, many outfits for us to grow into, but these are our first premature baby clothes…

Daddy says these will make the nurses love us even more! Mummy and daddy need to shop for special vests for us now that fit around our lines / pipes because the nurses say Rory (& hopefully Austin) will be wearing clothes in the next couple of weeks and they will need special ones first until the lines and wires can be taken away. We can’t wait to wear these ones though…..especially as we are mummy and daddy’s little miracles! 

2 Replies to “Our 13th day 23/04/16”

  1. Keep fighting little boys & u will get loads more cuddles from everyone, I love your outfits they are so cute, you are very very brave, can’t wait to meet you both, you have got lots of cousins to meet too, we all love you Rory & Austin sending lots of cuddles xxxx


  2. Thinking of you all, stay strong Austin and Rory are so adorable and you are both doing an amazing job. Sending you all my love hugs and kisses xxxxxx


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