Our 11th day 21/04/16

Mummy and daddy are so proud of me….even though I (Rory) had a really traumatic day yesterday, I am still going on my Bipap. Last time I only managed 11 hours off the ventilator, second time around I’m on 26 hours and counting. Mummy and daddy heard me try a little cry noise earlier but it was so faint they almost missed it. I’ll make up for it when I’m bigger I’m sure! 

I’ve been weighed today too, I am 905g, which is 15g more than when I was born and so I’m heading in the right direction. 

I guess the news you have all been waiting for is about our heart scans. Well, my duct was open by 2.6mm and it is now only 1.2mm and Austins duct was open by 4mm, it is now what Drs describe as tiny and so the Drs are much less worried and hopefully they will continue to close now and stop the blood going to our lungs.

Today was Austins turn for a rubbish day, the Drs reduced his morphine and gave him a double dose of caffeine to wake him up ready to take him off the ventilator and try him on Bipap like me but then they were a little worried that he may be ‘septic’ as the Dr said to mummy (which nearly gave her a heart attack) and that he has caught an infection. The Drs took lots of blood, removed his lines and sent off for tests to confirm the infection. The tests won’t come back for 48 hours but they started him on anti-biotics anyway as they can’t risk wasting time waiting around for results. They took an x-Ray and they could see a ‘collection’ of something in his abdomen which caused concern. Poor Austin!

Austin didn’t get weighed today because he was so uncomfortable that the Drs didn’t want to disturb him any more than he had to be. Daddy really struggled today because he found it really hard seeing Austin so unhappy. Mummy was sad on the inside too but was very brave to help daddy stay strong! Daddy told mummy that he is wishing time away and he just wants to take us home. I really hope we can both grow big and strong too and go home too one day. 

It isn’t all doom and gloom though….after 11 days, Austin did his first poo. And gosh did mummy and daddy know about it. Just as mummy finally got him clean, he exploded everywhere again…..I could hear mummy and daddy giggling from my side of the room, mummy said he had it in his feet and everywhere. Daddy said it was a 3 man job but Jenny, his nurse refused to help! She just laughed too! 

Nannie Hardy sent a fruit basket in for the nursing staff, mummy and daddy brought donuts in from Mummy’s friend Julie last week. The nurses say our family and friends are very kind. And can’t wait to see what they bring next week! 

After a very long day both of us got tucked up, calm and settled so that mummy and daddy felt that they could leave us. 


3 Replies to “Our 11th day 21/04/16”

  1. Well done Rory & Austin you are doing amazing, love reading about your progress every day which your amazing mummy lovingly writes to us all to keep us informed, hope you both have an even better tomorrow, lots of hugs & cuddles to you both xxxx


  2. Hi Kelly and Ashley,
    Just to let you know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers. AS you know we have just gone through the same thing with Paisley.Keep your chin up I’m sure your beautiful little boys will be absolutely fine they’re getting the best care possible.
    All the very best
    Linda, Les and Stevie xxxx

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