Our 10th day 20/04/16

Mummy and daddy didn’t come until later today because Rory was having his new line put into his arm and mummy didn’t want to be around whilst the Drs were putting it in. Rory has had a rubbish day today and it has made us all feel really sad…his first line had a hole in it, the second line was in too far and after the Drs adjusted it for the third time it still wasn’t working and so altogether Rory had a good few hours of being messed with, which didn’t make him very happy and he needed lots of oxygen. Mummy and daddy arrived when the Drs were still trying to do his line and the Dr asked Daddy to help because Rory and I respond better to daddy’s containment than anyone else’s, mummy says it’s because he has such big hands but it’s also because he talks to us and we like to listen to him. When the Drs did Rory’s long line they had to make a sterile environment with a plastic cover over him and a big X-ray machine had to come in our room to check the line goes straight through his veins….

Rory has also has his heel prick test today (I will have it done soon as well) but the nurses didn’t need to prick his heel, they could have taken blood from any of his lines and so that was more messing about that he didn’t like. 

Good news for Rory today though was that he is off the ventilator again and back on Bipap . He did 11 hours last time. The Drs say that I might be able to try Bipap and get my special hat tomorrow, I hope so because I’m trying so hard to catch up with my brother.

Daddy was talking to rory through the incubator telling him how sunny it is outside and he called mummy over to admire his muscles, he said ‘suns out guns out’ and mummy laughed! 

Then mummy fed Rory for the first time (she fed me yesterday) but just as mummy was going to do it the nurses realised they had taken his feeding tube out by accident when they removed his ventilator, so Rory had more messing about as he had to have a new feeding tube too. Here is mummy giving Rory his feed for the first time….


Daddy did a feed for the first time too, he did mine, it was very yum yum! We have 2ml every hour now. Mummy hopes that she can keep up…

Daddy had a word with the nurses today, I heard him say that he feels Rory has had too much today and that he feels very protective about it as his daddy. The nurses agreed and said that sometimes that’s just the way it is. 

Daddy gave Rory lots of love to keep him calm….I didn’t mind that I missed out because I just wanted to cuddle Rory too. 

Here is a picture of me today….Ive been good as gold!

Tomorrow we are getting weighed and we have our heart scans. Hopefully the medicine will have stopped the bleeding into our lungs. We have had some bleeding up our tube still but the nurses say it is less than before so let’s hope we get some good news! 


3 Replies to “Our 10th day 20/04/16”

  1. This is so beautiful but so sad at the same time, I’m sending all of you lots and lots of love and strength, you are truly amazing parents and your boys are going to be so proud of you both, stay strong and look after each other, love you both dearly, 💙💙 Mags xxxxxx


  2. Reading about you guys everyday, sending you lots of love. Your boys are so lucky to have you guys as their mummy and daddy.
    Louise Wells


  3. This is so gripping you write it so beautifully I hope you boys continue to do well and one day you might publish your blogs. I don’t know your mommy but your daddy started working at st Catherine’s while I was working in nursery. Maybe when you are big boys you might go to that school.


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