Our 7th day 17/04/16

Mummy and daddy were very tired today, they told me (Rory) that they didn’t sleep much because they were so worried about Austin and I heard daddy saying that he needs to do something mind numbing like mow the lawn to get some normality in his life. He told the nurses that he had already done the washing and cleaned the house before they got here. Mummy told the nurses that Daddy is the best! 

I heard mummy and daddy talking to DR Clarke and DR Shunmugan today and they told them that all of our monitors, medicines and lines are the same. Austin has had a more stable night but has still had some more bleeding and so the next couple of days will be tough on mummy and daddy. Even the Drs said they are still concerned and anxious but that they can’t control what Austins body will do, we just have to wait and see. Mummy was a little sad when Dr Clarke said he wasn’t going to be around for a few week as he is going to be teaching other Doctors in Hull. Mummy said this makes her anxious because she trusts him and likes him a lot. She is very protective who looks after us and always asks to see the nurse rota and tries to be part of the handover when the shifts change. She rings at the end of a shift because she gets a more detailed update from the nurse before she goes home and then can ask any questions. I can tell mummy will do anything and everything she can to help us break out into the big world. 

We can’t wait to meet our big sister Beau Jangles, mummy says she has been sat in our room waiting for us to come home!  

 The Drs saw some more blood in my pipe too today, but they still aren’t sure if it’s just from my breathing pipe because it’s only a little bit. I hope I don’t get as poorly as Austin. Austin was very uncomfortable today so the Drs gave him lots of morphine to help him rest. Every time the nurses and Drs touched him his machines were going crazy flashing red and beeping. 

Mummy and Daddy did both of our ‘cares’ today, that means that they change our nappies and do our mouthcare routine. Mummy and Daddy were really scared at first because we are very different to normal babies and have lots of pipes and wires too but mummy and daddy make a great team and did a good job today with no help. Daddy does something called ‘containment’ where he holds our arms, feet and head firmly to keep us feeling secure and safe, and then mummy does our care. Sometimes this is a big stick with cotton wool on it that has water and then milk on it and mummy uses it to clean our mouth and then sometimes she changes our nappy. Just because we are so small we have minimal touch so our nappy is only changed once every 8 – 12 hours. Daddy had shiny eyes again today because when mummy and daddy did Austins cares and daddy was talking to him, he responded really well and his machines didn’t bleep. Mummy says it’s because Austin knows his daddy already. 

Something exciting happened today…..we both had our first feed. We are allowed 10ml in 24 hours and that means 0.8ml every 2 hours through a syringe into our pipes. We responded really well and so our feeds can carry on……hopefully we will get big and strong like daddy. 

 We also got weighed today, we both got a little heavier but we are still below our birth weight. Austin now weighs 956g and I weigh 870g. I am the smallest baby that the nurses have to look after at the moment. 

We got a new neighbour yesterday…..I forgot to say. The little boy who lived in the incubator next to Austin when we arrived was doing really well and moved to HDU. There are 3 levels in the neonatal care unit at Jessops, the nurses told mummy. There is neonatal intensive care unit (nicu) where Austin and I live, then high dependency unit (HDU) and then special care baby unit (scbu) hopefully one day we will be well enough to visit the other places but for now we are enjoying living in room 4 / nicu. Then yesterday a little girl came for one night after she was born and now she is ok she has gone back to her mummy on the ward, so now I have an empty incubator which the nurses say are very rare. I can’t wait to see who moves in! 

We had lots of visitors today, Nannie and grandad Newborough, Nannie and grandad hardy and uncle Kieran and uncle Craig. Grandad hardy had just been to football training so he sat at the side of our incubator for a rest. Mummy told me that he is a national football champion, but daddy says he was too fat for the donkeys when he went on holiday. I can’t wait until me and Austin can ride on the donkeys.

We are one week old tomorrow! 

5 Replies to “Our 7th day 17/04/16”

  1. Anxiously await the blog! A whole week is a big milestone – keep going boys , there’s a coach load waiting to spoil you both when you’re out the door! Xx


  2. Well done you beautiful boys! keep on going you can do it . I want you to grow big and strong so one day the cardigans I have knitted you will fit you.


  3. Well done you beautiful boys. Keep on going you can do it! I want you to grow big and strong so you will fit into the cardigans I knitted you.
    Love from Sue xxxx


  4. Kelly this is so touching, thank you again, it helps us be part of their journey, you are a strong team which will get you through this, sending big hugs to you xxxx


  5. Your little baby boys are beautiful, congratulations. You were the first person I asked about at work this morning Ash. Thinking of you all and I will keep looking at the blog.
    Louise Wells


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