Our 6th day 16/04/16

I (Rory) managed 11 hours off the ventilator but I felt really tired and my blood gases weren’t very good so the doctors put me back on it. I have had some blood in my breathing tube so they scanned my heart and lungs and they think it might just be from when they put the ventilator back in. 

Austin had some milk last night, 0.8ml, I can’t wait until it’s my turn. 

He has been very poorly today though and we have all been very worried about him. He has had a pulmonary haemorrhage which means that blood is leaking from his heart and into his lungs. The Doctors are really concerned and this makes mummy and daddy very sad. Even Sister Natalie who was looking after Austin got very sad! The Doctors have said that we all need to take it hour by hour and hope for the best in the next 12 – 24 hours. Austin was given some blood and platelets to help and we have both been submitted into planet-x research because mummy and daddy said that we could help other poorly babies to get better. 

Mummy changed Austins nappy for the first time today and I think she finally felt like a mummy because she can’t really do much with us yet. 

Nannie and Grandad Newborough came to visit too. 

Mummy and daddy rang our room when they got home to check on Austin and the Doctors had not made any changes and he hadn’t had any more blood yet. I have crossed my little fingers and I hope he’s ok! 

Mummy and daddy rang again (& again) don’t they know us babies are sleeping!!

The nurses said there were no changes at 2am. Let’s see what the morning brings! 🙏

6 Replies to “Our 6th day 16/04/16”

  1. Thinking about you all and my fingers are crossed along with Rory’s .If I could wave a magic wand for you kelly you know I would.love and thoughts always come on little Austin you can do this bless you.xxxxxxx


  2. Oh Kelly 😥 Keeping everything crossed for you and your brave little men. Hoping they get stronger each day xx


  3. Hi Kelly, I hope your little boys are doing better today, loved reading your blog, it is lovely to hear about their journey & how they are doing, thank you for this. Our thoughts are with you all in this wonderful journey you going through, love to you all xxxx


  4. Absolutely in awe of your courage strength and beautiful babies – been in floods of tears reading your blog! already you are amazing parents its hard enough for any new mummy and daddy i think you are both just amazing and the babies too.Really hope Austin is feeling a bit better today, sending lots and lots of love and if theres ever anything i can do im more than happy to help xxx xxx hang in there and dont forget to look after you as well xxx ( i know your mummy will make sure you do ) xxx


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