Our 5th day 15/04/16

Mummy saw my tongue today, she says it melted her heart so I (Austin) kept sticking it in and out to please her. I’m no longer under my light so my shades can come off soon. Dr Alan Gibson who has been taking care of us has retired today. We won’t be the new kids on the block for long! 

Dr Clarke told mummy and daddy that everything is ‘nothing of nothingness’ and we just need time and patience. Dr Clarke said that we are both ready to feed soon but mummy’s milk isn’t ready because we were super early and mummy has been poorly too. Mummy and daddy agreed to donor milk because even though they have been trying really hard, they just didn’t get enough to feed us both and they didn’t want to starve us if we were ready and stop us growing. This made mummy sad but a little later she came back with enough to feed us….daddy says that this is because mummy is strong and will always do everything she can for us and that she is very determined. 

Mummy puts hearts in our incubator so that we can smell her and she swaps them over every day so that she has one that smells of us. See if you can spot them in our incubators….

My mummy and daddy felt my heart beat today when they touched me and Bridgette showed mummy and daddy how to do mouthcare.

Rory has been super good today, when mummy and daddy came they told them that he was going to come off his ventilator, daddy took a big breath and his eyes were shiny. Rory tried Bipap to support his breathing and he managed 11 hours before he needed the ventilator again. I felt very proud of my little brother and I hope I can have a Bipap hat soon. 

Mummy caught Rory peeking at her and she shouted daddy over. So I copied. They said our eyes were beautiful! 

Mummy helped Nina to clean Rory’s pipes but mummy didn’t like it because she could feel his bubbles on his chest and wriggling when lines were being tugged at. 

Dr Clarke said that he isn’t anxious about me and Rory and mummy and daddy were very happy with us today. 

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