Our 4th day 14/04/16

What a busy day! We were both weighed today and we have both lost weight, mummy says that’s normal in babies. It’s only a little (Austin 905g / Rory 784g) but the Dr says us premature babies find it harder to gain it back. 

We also had our head scans today, I’m just like Rory now and have a bleed on the right side of my brain, but let’s hope mine stays the same because Rory’s head scan showed that his bleed hadn’t got any bigger. We are going to be scanned again soon to keep a check us.

Mummy was sat at Rory’s incubator earlier and she started giggling….Daddy asked what was up and she said Rory had Daddy’s feet, he came over to check mine and they are the same (shock)! The nurses said that having a big toe slightly smaller than the one next to it shows you have Royal genes. I wonder what that means. 

We are still both on our ventilator which does our breathing, but Rory is doing really well, for every 30 breaths the machine was doing, he was doing 38 and so the Drs were talking about putting Rory on bipap which just supports breathing because he didn’t need the ventilator to do it for him all of the time. The Dr told mummy that they couldn’t take Rory off the ventilator because there weren’t enough Drs around to keep him safe. 

Daddy says we are boring today but that he likes boring because it means we are being good and there is no drama. 

Mummy and daddy brought us our first toys today. Mummy told us that daddy bought them one day when he went shopping on his own. I got the elephant because I’m the heaviest, the nurses thought that was funny. Dr Clarke loved my elephant and played with it on his rounds. 

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