Our 3rd day 13/04/16

Today is Grandad Hardys birthday. Mummy says that’s a lot of birthdays! Mummy also told us today that Grandad Hardy is a legend….we don’t know what that means but I’m sure we will find out. 

The nurses say I’ve been good as gold today, they didn’t say that about Austin. I have had some caffeine today to help prepare my lungs to work, mummy says that’s ridiculous as she still can’t drink tea as it makes her sick. Austin has had caffeine too. Austin had another blood transfusion today, Nannie and grandad Hardy and Uncle Craig watched through the windows and they said he was really brave. 

Mummy was allowed to go home today which is good because daddy says he can’t sleep another night on a chair because there weren’t any beds. Although daddy did say he would do anything for mummy and mummy keeps telling us how good our daddy is and that we are very lucky to have him. We got to hold our daddy’s hand today. His hands were huge but he was very gentle. We can’t wait until mummy and daddy can cuddle us but for now we can only have a little touch every now and again.  Looks like we are going to be very loved when we break out into the outside world!  


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