Our 2nd Day 12/04/16

It’s Nannie Hardys birthday today and Nannie and Grandad Hardys 30th wedding anniversary. Mummy says 30 years is a long time to be married, we didn’t even do 30 weeks in mummy’s tummy and it felt like ages! 

I (Austin) got my first taste of milk today, I could only have a tiny amount on my lips with a cotton bud, they call it mouthcare. My tummy is only small and my digestive system isn’t ready yet so I can’t have any more. The nurses looking after me today are Sister Natalie Hardy, Sister Janina and they say that I have had a stable day but I have been active and a little fidgety and that keeps making my machines flash and beep. Good job the nurses reassure mummy and daddy as that scares them. My oxygen levels are lower but I still need my ventilator to breathe. I still have my sunshades and my light on. Good news…..they have stopped my blood pressure medicines but now I have to have insulin because my blood sugars are high. 

Rory is like me (well we are identical twins) and had his blood pressure medicine stopped today too. His oxygen levels have got better too and he has had a good day. Rory is being looked after by nurses Kerry, Louise and Carly. Mummy and daddy are amazed at the amount of people looking after us every second of the day, daddy says they are very special people and his eyes were shiny. 

Mummy and daddy visited us lots, mummy was looking a little better today too but the doctors and nurses were still looking after her too. We had a special visit from Nannie and Grandad Newborough today. They live further away than Nannie and Grandad Hardy so when they visited they were allowed to visit for longer. Nannie took lots of photos and a Grandad Malc told us that he is a twin too. 

Nannies friend at work sent us some memory books, special ones for babies like us. The Drs and nurses thought they were great and looked at the website. It turns out that her baby spent time in special care too for 4 weeks, Dr Alan Gibson said compared to what we have to do that’s a ‘piece of piss’ that made mummy giggle as the Doctor said a naughty word! Nannies friend also sent us some special baby clothes with Velcro fastening so we can put all of our tubes in safely. Mummy thought she was prepared with tiny baby clothes and premature nappies but everything is still far too big.  We ant even allowed to wear clothes yet. 

Here is a newborn nappy, a premature nappy and then the ones that me and Rory wear…..


Mummy’s iPhone is bigger……


When Daddy got home, there was a bunch of flowers, some beers and a card in the kitchen. uncle Craig put them there. Mummy says uncle craig has a heart of gold. Daddy thinks it’s funny that uncle craig had to do a spiderman impression over the gate to break in using his back door key. In his suit too! Heehee! 

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