Hello World 11/04/16

imageWow….what a day! Daddy went to work this morning and left us all tucked up in bed with Mummy. We have been trying to tell Mummy for a long time that we were ready to meet the world but we don’t think she was listening until Austin decided to take a little peek at the world outside.

There were lots of people that came to help Mummy to get to the hospital including Nannie Hardy, the ambulance, paramedics and two midwives (including a lovely lady called Cate Wilkin) and they all helped us to get to Jessops in time where Mummy welcomed us into the big world. The whole hospital were ready for us all to arrive including two specialist neonatal teams for babies who come early, one for each of us. There were about 20 people in the room to make sure we were all safe and looked after and a lady called Mel who really took care of mummy. Austin left Mummy’s tummy first at 10:24am. Daddy just got there in time. The Big team of Doctors took him away in a plastic bag and Daddy went too to check he was ok. They took Mummy away to the Theatre for a Caesarean because I (Rory) was breech. I don’t really know what that means. Daddy came back with a silly blue hat on and Mummy got me out anyway before the Doctors could do anything with the big needle. I was born at 10:48am, 24 minutes later. They took me away in a plastic bag too, it kept me nice and warm. Daddy came with me to check I was ok and mummy had to go to sleep for an operation. Daddy looked very scared but the nice ladies were looking after him.

We were both taken to neonatal intensive care where we were very lucky to get the last two beds, and in the same room too because the Doctors said we could have been sent to Leeds or Birmingham and might not have been together. Mummy said that we were very lucky.

The Doctors weighed us, (Austin 943g / Rory 890g) and put us on a ventilator because we aren’t big enough to breathe on our own. We have monitors for heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen, saturations, blood pressure and temperature. We were given wires into our umbilical cord and into our veins for hydration, growth, comfort, high blood sugars, low blood pressure, possible infection and for Rory an extra one for low heamoglobin. We were given medicine called total nutrition, morphine, saline, vitamin k, sodium chloride, penicillin and lots of others with big long silly names.

Our Drs are called Dr Alan Gibson, Dr Simon Clarke and Dr Shunmugan. The nurses looking after us today are called Doreen and Janina, Kerry, Louise and Carly.

Mummy came to meet us at about 6 o’ clock with Daddy but I think she must have been checking up on us because Daddy kept coming to peek at us and taking pictures for mummy. They were being looked after in a different part of the hospital. Mummy and Daddy told the Doctors our names and mummy asked the Doctors how we were doing and this is what they said….

AUSTIN – I have been given a breathing tube and some special medicine to help my lungs. I needed a lot of support and oxygen initially but everything is beginning to settle. I needed a lot of support for my blood pressure at first too but I managed to maintain my blood pressure later on and my medicine started to reduce. I started phototherapy today and needed sun shades to protect my eyes. I had a blood transfusion and a brain scan, which was ok.

RORY – I am having a very good day today, I need a breathing tube to help me breathe but not needing a lot. I am needing between 21 and 27% oxygen and just a little medication to help my blood pressure. Today I started phototherapy and have to wear sun shades too. I had a brain scan and I’d had a tiny bleed on the right side of my brain but the Doctors aren’t worried yet until they scan me again on Thursday.

Mummy and Daddy visited again with Nannie and Grandad Hardy and Uncle Craig. It was great to meet them, I think we will be loved very much. Mummy also brought us a tiny bit of her milk and we can’t wait to taste it.

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2 Replies to “Hello World 11/04/16”

  1. 🎉Happy ‘Birth’day Austin 👶🏻 and Rory👶🏻! Welcome to the outside world.🎉


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